Greener Grass

“But that fateful morning, Joe never got to perform his forward-leaning roach flick, because Destiny had been out raving and she was walking home through Clampett Park. ‘Aah, please don’t put that out,’ she said. She was Layla, and she was the Rave Queen of PE.”

Hagen Engler’s first novel weaves together the lives of a group of goofballs into a hazy, impressionistic narrative as they search for life, love, a proper graft and a spot to stay in the New SA. They find that while the grass may be greener on the other side, it’s cheaper at home. 

“It’s a pleasure to read Engler’s first novel… he writes believable, funny dialogue. Particularly that of the slackers, ghoefballs and ravers who are just as blase and matter-of-fact about their drug use as real-life drug users are.” – Alyn Adams, FHM

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