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Books that built me

  Hagen Engler, author of In The Maid’s Room, lists some of his most bizarre influences. [This piece appeared in the Sunday Times.] I’m most satisfied with my writing when I’m a bit nervous about it. When I’m not sure how it will be received. It might be an experiment […]

Bacon, I think we were scared of you…

In the old days, before Lorraine Primary built the new section, the school was basically just a quad with classrooms running around it. The kindergarten classes were in a wing running off the one side, and the headmaster’s office opposite that. So it was really like a big capital A. […]

Stories scars tell

Every scar tells a story, they say. In the old days, these would have been tales of glory, conquest and victory on the battlefield of nations. These days, scars are somewhat more prosaic. Actually, I just looked up prosaic. Not prosaic. Embarrassing. As I cast about my body for disturbances […]