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The Rolling Stones – Get Up Stand Up

Look what we found! From the Stones’ 2005 Toronto concert. There’s all kinds of this classic good, high-quality stuff going up on the Rolling Stones’ channels lately. Obviously to build buzz for the 50th anniversary concerts of The Greatest Rock ‘n’ Roll Band in the World. Takes balls to do […]

Video: Rosario Dawson being awesome

We were going to put a little slideshow of Rosario up in Connoisseur’s Corner there in the top right, but then we realised how a handful of photos could never do justice to one of the true beauties of our time. So with thanks to fellow admirer brojgel of the […]

Video: Down on the farm

How a farmer became a king! This is a proper drunken exploit that only the brave, the blessed by god, and those who know a lot about combine harvesters should attempt. We’re not trying it, but we give up full respect to this gent for doing it. Thank you, sir. […]

Stop! Drama time!

 Sometimes I’m a total drama queen. And like fellow drama queen Kanye West I bring it on myself!             As the low-rent Yeezy, I am able to sense drama opportunities approaching and optimize them for maximum dramatic impact.             For instance, if I am running low on petrol, I will […]

Video: A Finger, Two Dots, Then Me

Spoken-word poetry can be powerful as hell. It can also be the lamest thing since Patricia de Lille tried to rap. This is from the powerful-as-hell camp. This is a video adaptation by Daniel Holechek of a poem by American slam poet Derrick C. Brown. That’s Derrick performing the piece […]

Make every second count!

If this motivational vid doesn’t make you get up off your arse and into the world to seize the day at every offered opportunity, then you either have a very excellent life already, or you’ve given up completely. Us, it brought a tear to our eye and made us marvel […]

Video: Bomb drop fail!

We’ve heard this called a cannonball and a can opener too, but we’ve always gone with bomb drop. Whichever way you call it, it’s a fail. Besides teutonic foolishness, this fail does exhibit a certain self-belief. The guy has no way of knowing whether he has the body weight to […]

Video: Die Antwoord – Fatty Boom Boom

“Jesus, ou. Chill net ‘n bietjie fokken uit!” Two weeks after the Mail & Guardian’s academically constipated query in a recent editorial, “Are Die Antwoord blackface”, the zep-rave crew release a fresh, next-level video upon the interwebs. In blackface. And whiteface. Whatever they stand for is not too simple to […]