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Video: Sylvana’s legendary video!

I worked at FHM, but I didn’t often post stuff from there on my personal blog. I made an exception in the case of the lovely Sylvana Easton, though. Sylvana appeared from nowhere, sending us a couple of pics in 2009. We were blown away, and immediately organised to do a short […]

Code Pink at the front desk

We were in Cape Town for a conference at one of those four-star hotels on the Foreshore. That day I had quietly distinguished myself from my conference peers with my intelligence and wit. Which is to say, I asked two questions and came up with a funny tweet during the […]

The scene and being off it

“Sorry… Diane?” “Ja? Oh, hello! What’s it again… Ed?” “Eric. Howzit. We met at the, er, at that art exhibition. You ’member. That one in Newtown?” “Ja, ja. Of course I remember. Eric.” She had the worst cold she’d ever had in her life. Her sinuses were blocked like Gilloolly’s […]

Decadent mouse: Some Twitter malapropisms

“@solphenduka: it shocked me too last night over the phone RT @MbaliMinajJnr : My sisters snoring is unbearable ☹!!! For a 8 year old she can sure raw gees” @smashafrika: Let the man work up RT @TigerThebe: Work or wake RT @ObusitseSA: Nice! RT @Too_Shortz: I work up at 11:00am […]

Mockumentary pilot: Armed Response

Here’s a pilot of a potential TV series. Armed Response is a mockumentary about a dysfunctional South African security company. Armed Response – Pilot Episode, “Education” from Donovan Graham on Vimeo. There are shades of The Office, as there would be, and shades of the hilariously awkward contemporary South Africa […]

“We are very close to George Orwell’s vision…”

Jailed internet entrepreneur Kim Dotcom has given an exclusive interview with The Guardian in which he outlines his views on encryption and our right to privacy, US internet surveillance, copyright, and the signal failure of Hollywood to grasp the business potential of the internet. The frog-like Dotcom, formerly Schmitz, was […]

“I won a lottery…”

Fashion model Cameron Russell’s fascinating TED talk on the power of image, the role of race in perceptions of beauty and the advantages and disadvantages of being deemed attractive. Also, is it worth becoming a model? Ms Russell has a degree in politics and economics from Columbia University. She has […]