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Ask Master Wong!

Master Wong is the scariest wing chung expert imaginable. No chilled zen mellowness for him. He clearly relishes combat and arse-kicking like Rob Ford loves crack pipes. This boxer dude has the temerity to ask Master Wong how he would deal with a boxing assault. He gets it explained to […]

Video: No, I’m not going to the World Cup

One Brazilian’s take on the Fifa 2014 World Cup Brazil. She reckons the event will cost $30bn, more than the cost of the past three World Cups combined, money which would be better spent delivering services to Brazilians. As the 2013 Confederations Cup takes place, Brazilian police are battling rioters […]

SA Rugby Random Cliche Generator

You’re a professional rugby player. You spend your life running full pace into massive okes the size of hippos that go to gym lank. Fans across the entire country and the planet put their hopes, dreams and Superbru picks on your shoulders every weekend. As if that’s not enough, here […]