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Sound And The City

  The generations of migrants who came from across Africa to seek their fortune in Johannesburg, the City Of Gold, also brought musical gifts that have been synthesised, alloyed and polished, forging a unique culture of sound that has done much to shape the city itself. By Hagen Engler [This […]

Black Coffee: Pieces Of Him…

The South African music icon takes a break from his world tour to chat about music as science, coming from a place of purity, and being African without trying too hard. By Hagen Engler [This interview appeared in the Red Bull Note at the Red Bull Music Academy Weekender Festival […]

Something soft and something bolder

If I can make the bar, the far won’t set me back. Within a reach-around of Dirck, I’m set. I can smell my hone, my own is hell it’s home. Coat outside a schwitz, a beast inside it hits. A Malan mulling on my elbow, what he says is hard to tell though. Well sung, well write […]

Naming James – Into The Night

Joburg musician Jamie Acheson may own the hardest-working plectrum in show business. He is a force of nature who thrashes the hell out his guit. Whether solo, two-piece, or as a power-trio, his live performances generate so much energy it’s refreshing to behold. No frills, straight-ahead acoustic rock is his […]

Robin Auld – That Warm-Blooded Thing

Master musician Robin Auld is a storyteller too. He has also served his time as a pop star, rock star, shop assistant, local hero, guitar shredder, mystery expat troubadour, surfing waterman and more. He is also a white South African from the coastal provinces, so his musical and lyrical output reflects those cultural […]

Meanwhile, rocking PE…

Like any place, there have always been bands from Port Elizabeth. Their quality and style varies, the scene waxes and wanes and one’s personal taste will determine whether any of them are any good. Sometimes consensus, and the respect of his fellow musicians will dictate that, yes, afro-folk singer-songwriter Dave […]