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The New Frank Talk

By Hagen Engler It might not seem that way, but South Africans are closer to understanding each other than we’ve ever been. Of course we abuse, hate and exploit each other too. But it was ever thus. Only now are we honest about it. SA Twitter, once a cosy clubhouse […]

Towards A White Wokeness

By Hagen Engler In the fraught contemporary social media environment, it can be intimidating to try to say anything of political relevance. Especially when you know you’re on the wrong side of history, and that your perspective and value system is tainted by your privileged upbringing in a racist, white supremacist system. […]

The colours that go into being colour blind

Allow me to play the race card for a minute. It is, after all, the national pastime. It was recently brought to my attention that while coloured people currently make up five percent of the South African population, one day they will predominate. We will be a nation of coloured […]