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This poem was inspired by an idea from J Dogmatica, the good revolutionaries of and the freedom fighters Oupa Moloto, Caroline Motsoaledi, Pahle Motsoaledi Oumaki Bautlwanye, Sizakele Nkosi and Vincent Ndlovu. Some lyrics are an interpolation of this piece here. Soldiers by Hagen Engler on Mixcloud

Apt & audio

I never made it, but I heard about it. At the Lizard Lounge. A group with rhymes, with a dime on hooks like chokka lines off Plett you can’t forget. And good guys recognise and Jay couldn’t help himself, ay. Said we had a band in the style of the […]

To this day – Shane Coyczan

A spoken-word journey to childhood and back, by Mr Coyczan, a Canadian poet and writer. A proper moving take on the lifelong impact of bullying, and brilliantly enhanced by animations from his collaborators. In 2000, Shane became the first Canadian to win the US’s National Poetry Slam. He is also […]

Poetry: They must be ambushed

Times are tough for a wannabe poet in the big city. Self expression is rewarding in itself, but having an audience is even better. Knowing you have an audience and seeing them react to your poetic meanderings is best of all. So most word warriors will sooner or later find […]

Video: A Finger, Two Dots, Then Me

Spoken-word poetry can be powerful as hell. It can also be the lamest thing since Patricia de Lille tried to rap. This is from the powerful-as-hell camp. This is a video adaptation by Daniel Holechek of a poem by American slam poet Derrick C. Brown. That’s Derrick performing the piece […]

Video: Words & Music by Inspector Ras

The Near Misses – In The Movies (Live) The card-carrying Worst Band In JoburgTM, live and direct, from Smugglers, north of the Witkoppen Road psychological boundary with the far north of Jozi… As The Crow Flies My band, The Near Misses live at Jozi Studios… Angry People A poem of […]

Half-rhyme love letter

You can go solo or you can go blow-by-blow but there’s no low blows on Blow-by-Blow with Bert Blewett. So get down to it, put your body through it. (Know you wanna do it). Punch through the perspectives, screw the invectives . . . ‘zackly what I’m saying. Nah’msayn’? Nothing […]