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Video: Oliver Mtukudzi in the house!

It’s Living Legend Day at Sheer Sound. Zimbabwean chimurenga master Thomas Mapfumo arrives in a funky pinstriped business suit to discuss his deal, while his countryman and fellow national treasure Oliver Mtukudzi holds a series of media interviews. There’s a bizarre moment in the corridors of the record company as […]

‘Let’s Play Pretend’ – We Set Sail

Behold these young men! A sweet band of melodic invention – after all what writing music is about. We Set Sail are out of Cape Town, with my old homie and one-time bandmate Richard Brunyee on keys and awesomeness. Here they are with an eight and a half-minute instrumental tour […]

I was listening to Hugh Masekela just now!

It’s weird how broad-mindedness can backfire on you. On morning this week, I was at work early, getting into a few chores, and embracing the opportunity to rock the office stereo. Like everyone on earth, I believe myself to have catholic tastes in music. Ask me what I listen to, […]