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Deep Fried Man: Satire in Flames!

Deep Fried Man went down in fucking flames of technical-glitch hellfire on Wednesday night. But ay, it was fun to watch! The Deep Fried Man Kills show had a whiff of doom from the outset, coming as it did at the end of voting day. At 8pm on election day, […]

I kissed a gangster

I’m in PE for a school reunion. And not one of the tidy ones. This one happens after just enough time has passed to realize that the arseholes in your matric class weren’t necessarily arseholes, they were just sixteen. Everyone’s a bit of an arsehole when they’re sixteen, and so were you. […]


This poem was inspired by an idea from J Dogmatica, the good revolutionaries of and the freedom fighters Oupa Moloto, Caroline Motsoaledi, Pahle Motsoaledi Oumaki Bautlwanye, Sizakele Nkosi and Vincent Ndlovu. Some lyrics are an interpolation of this piece here. Soldiers by Hagen Engler on Mixcloud