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AKA: A Tight Radius

Supermega, that most Jozi of Jozi rappers, was born in Cape Town, which makes him even more Joburg! He drops some bars on African consciousness, political awareness and that dope-ass Total in Bryanston. By Hagen Engler [This piece first appeared in The Note at the Red Bull Music Academy Weekender […]

Black Coffee: Pieces Of Him…

The South African music icon takes a break from his world tour to chat about music as science, coming from a place of purity, and being African without trying too hard. By Hagen Engler [This interview appeared in the Red Bull Note at the Red Bull Music Academy Weekender Festival […]

Something soft and something bolder

If I can make the bar, the far won’t set me back. Within a reach-around of Dirck, I’m set. I can smell my hone, my own is hell it’s home. Coat outside a schwitz, a beast inside it hits. A Malan mulling on my elbow, what he says is hard to tell though. Well sung, well write […]

Lunatic perfectionism!

            Jeez, there are some shit bands. Don’t get me wrong, any band is a worthwhile exercise. You get to have more fun than adults should be allowed to have, you get to express yourself and ideally entertain some other people. But most of them are actually […]

Who’s painting Joburg pink?

What is going on here? In what is surely some kind of public art campaign, somebody is painting the Joburg inner city pink. It seems to be mostly abandoned buildings that are getting the pink treatment, and it seems to have something to do with this tumblr, Beware Of Colour… […]

The endgame

“I just worked out what it is! It’s my jacket that’s making me play so bad.” Indeed it is, because when Justin takes off his jacket and stashes it on the shelf next to the jukebox, his play does improve. He sinks six balls without reply, and what began as […]

Settle-down time for the people of the South

The South is a strange place to most people, but if you come from there, it’s like home. Not, like Rosettenville, more Oakdene, Bassonia. Me and my mates all still stay there. We grew up together, and we still there. There’s houses in Glen Vista that are about R900 000 […]