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Settle-down time for the people of the South

The South is a strange place to most people, but if you come from there, it’s like home. Not, like Rosettenville, more Oakdene, Bassonia. Me and my mates all still stay there. We grew up together, and we still there. There’s houses in Glen Vista that are about R900 000 […]

Behold the liberators’ triumphant anti-climax

I asked my mate Garvey to tape Joy Division, which he did, but then he sommer put this other stuff on the B-side to fill up the tape.              It was angry, militant rap music, over the most chaotic samples, shrieks and breakbeats. But the bizarre part was that through the […]

Naked on the road to Joburg…

Allan almost got rabies when he was eleven, from a cow bite in the cane fields above Tongaat. They were actualy hunting rats. when it happened, with pellet guns, him and his boet. In those days the preventive treatment for rabies was a hectic course of injections. You had to […]

The passion, the pride, the pussy, the point

There’s no more frank a form of advice than what you get from a total stranger. Lawrence and Themba only met an hour ago, but already Themba has some pertinent advice for his new acquaintanc “Don’t fuck it up, bra! Do not fuck it up! If you want pussy, there’s […]

A journey to the meaning of pain…

“The main thing is not to cry,” he tells me, then reels a length of thread off a roll, snaps it off and ties the thread into a loop. He is Daniel, a large Egyptian man. The last time I was here I only wanted a haircut, and we discussed […]

A superstar, by the sink, in Welkom

Chris was on the Silverado Brake Pads team. They sponsored him. And they paid for his travel on the circuit. He was 33, and him and his wife had just separated. So he quit the investment firm and went on the tour full-time. Well, actually there were only seven stops […]

Why Sbu’s salon was out of business for a month

Sbu disappeared. He just stopped answering his phone.             The result was that half the black ladies in Sandton couldn’t get their hair done. The northern suburbs of Joburg have more than a hundred salons that’ll charge you R5 000 a pop to put extensions in. All the celebs will […]

Race of doom II: Touchdown

“My friend. David. Here is my phone number. Remember my face. Somewhere in this airport is my driver’s licence. Please! Please try to find it for me. Please!” I’m still racing to my doom. I’m on the plane. It’s 7.30. A miraculous save. I should’ve been flying at 6am, though. […]