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Comic anthropology ain’t broke!

To Joburg comedy fans weaned on the drunk, dingy, loose hilarity of The Comedy Underground, the classy surrounds of Parker’s Comedy & Jive are physical evidence of how far the scene has come. That tonight’s Comedy Central Live… At Parker’s is rammed to the gills with eager, affluent punters on the […]

The Illuminati Own Up

In an earth-shattering exclusive, representatives of shadowy global power-broking elite The Illuminati have spoken out about their top-secret power cult. In a no-holds-barred interview, 49th-degree freemason the reverend monsignor Adolf Pius XVI Bush has taken responsiblity for every pogrom since the Renaissance, both World Wars, the sub-prime mortgage crisis and […]

Lobes make the man: distinguishing features

We were checking out Sophie Ndaba’s teeth on Generations the other day, when we realised that was exactly the thing that made us like her. We’ve been carrying a torch for uQueen for decades, and never been able to put our finger on why. Meanwhile it’s her massive teeth! It’s […]

Marrying Black Girls For Guys Who Aren’t Black

Are you a guy? And you’re not black? And you dig black girls? Not just to look at their asses from a distance, but actually to talk to them and ultimately try pomp them? And then actually pomp them and start going out in public together and stand in the […]

Home of the blessed

They’ve been letters from home, but not stayed the same. Then they became letters for home. Home of Garth Wright, Springbok of legend, who scored that runaway try down the grandstand touchline at the Boet in the Currie Cup semifinal. Home of Athol Fugard, the bard of the Bay, who […]

The shit in Zanzibar

The shit oozes down the walls of the toilet stall. Just to my right,one globule. If I watch it, it stops, but as I turn my attention backto the ganja in my lap, it resumes its journey. Like a snail, a blacksnail of filthy, dysenteric bowelspawn, shat there like his […]

Ploughing through, grimly clung, for what?

There was a certain amount of pressure. My parents had both grown up poor. And they’d made good, risen above their circumstances to make a magnificent life for my sister and I in Port Elizabeth. So good that, by the time we were in our early teens, they were able […]

The running shoe rubbish bin incident

Coming down to Cape Town for a conference, sometimes I’m blessed with a day-before flight. This is a welcome change from the usual, which is a 4am wake-up followed by a groggy scramble to make it onto a 6am flight to the meeting. So this time I get to fly […]

Is being offended so offensive?

I’m a columnist, so it’s hard not to feel some sympathy with a fellow traveller such as Kuli Roberts. As you may know, she was recently fired as a columnist by Sunday World for a piece she wrote for the tabloid making derogatory statements about coloured people. When the storm […]

The quest for sexy

  What makes a hot swimsuit? A killer cozzie? I work in the industry and it’s my job to choose costumes for sexy women to wear. At men’s lifestyle magazine FHM, we do glamour shoots with South Africa’s most beautiful swimsuit models. I’m the editor, so I spend a lot […]