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Short movie – Vajazzle

Dave misses his anniversary dinner. Charlotte has given herself a special vagina vajazzle for the occasion. So when Dave spends the special night down the pub, it’s time for Charlotte to cook up revenge of the most ingenious kind… This wickedly hilarious short is produced by New Zealand outfit Rodrigo films. […]

Code Pink at the front desk

We were in Cape Town for a conference at one of those four-star hotels on the Foreshore. That day I had quietly distinguished myself from my conference peers with my intelligence and wit. Which is to say, I asked two questions and came up with a funny tweet during the […]

The George Soros of Sandton City

My family thinks I’m a millionaire. They think freelance writing is the most lucrative gig this side of tender fraud. What gives them this idea is that I buy the most opulent, lavish and extravagantly generous gifts since Oprah needed a ratings boost. Little do they know that after I […]