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Video: Delicious in its terribleness!

As it says on the packet, a deliciously terrible version of I Will Always Love You. You always wonder how these things end up getting posted on the web. Most normal humans would immediately delete a travesty such as this. But for some of us there’s a narcissism that refuses […]

Video: Journalists getting their arses kicked!

The media get a lot of stick, largely for being apologist stooge toadies of the neoliberal capitalist establishment and the voice of exploitive right-wing oppression worldwide. So, it’s fun to see them getting utterly cancelled live on camera by vigilante citizens, and the slow, vengeful hand of karma. We dedicate […]

Video: Bomb drop fail!

We’ve heard this called a cannonball and a can opener too, but we’ve always gone with bomb drop. Whichever way you call it, it’s a fail. Besides teutonic foolishness, this fail does exhibit a certain self-belief. The guy has no way of knowing whether he has the body weight to […]