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How the oceans can clean themselves

This Tedx talk by 18-year-old Boyan Slat proposes using ocean currents and anchored filtration platforms linked by wings of fine-mesh gauze to filter out even the smallest plastic particles from the ocean in the five mid-oceanic gyres on earth.

Video: Push back the desert!

Here’s some hope for humanity right here. In this TED talk, Dr Allen Savory explains his ideas on reversing desertification, learnt in the African bushveld. While his views have not gone unchallenged, (not least by Ralph Maughan here) they do make sense at first blush. Savory maintains that far from […]

Video: Genius urban-farming aquaponics project!

This awesome man is growing food in a concrete radiation area 160km from the nearest farm. His aquaponics system uses fish to create compost to produce nutrients to feed plants, which filter the water to feed the fish. He calls it Kijani Grows Urban Garden System . But hell, he can […]