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Video: Drunk girl wrecks wedding

As are as causing kak when you’re pissed goes, this is hard to top. There’s embarrassing yourself, there’s owing a few people an apology, and then there’s this priceless example of the wedding binger’s art… Quite possibly staged, aka fake. But still, nice work, ma’am.

Video: Greatest DUI test of the millennium!

This shambolically wasted American guy sails through the most complex and challenging set of drunk tests ever devised, while still being blatantly drunk. In the process he wins over the would-be arresting officer and displays the kind of emotional intelligence unknown to generations of politicians. If our guy is this […]

Video: Down on the farm

How a farmer became a king! This is a proper drunken exploit that only the brave, the blessed by god, and those who know a lot about combine harvesters should attempt. We’re not trying it, but we give up full respect to this gent for doing it. Thank you, sir. […]