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Stuff White People Like: The Cricket

Cricket as a sport is great, and pleasant to follow. However, “The Cricket” is a slightly different proposition. This is when you pack deckchairs, hats and a lot of sunblock in your car and actually go to the ground to watch a match. White people can do this endlessly, or […]

Video: Chevrolet builds a cricket pitch!

This is the first time we’ve ever watched an entire YouTube ad. And we even abandoned the video we were originally planning to watch! We were just pretty impressed with Chevrolet building a cricket pitch at Cowan High School, which also happens to be in Port Elizabeth, our old stomping […]

Video: Mark Boucher: Streetwise cricketing legend!

He came in gangster, he went out gangster! He’s Mark Boucher. How’s this cunning run-out of Marvan Atapatu during the Australian VB series in 05/06!] Nicely done, sir. And here he is putting Tatenda Taibu through Sledging Hell during a rare test between South Africa and Zimbabwe. Listen out […]