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Let’s just laugh

I didn’t receive that particular memo, but I believe comedians telling actual jokes went out of fashion some time around 1992. After that, observational humour became the thing. “Did you ever notice…” followed by a series of riffs on relatively funny aspects of everyday life that the comedian has noticed. That’s stand-up […]

More Characters Than A Keyboard!

This mullet, Gino Fabbri, is on at the Barnyard Theatres in Pretoria, Cresta and Emperors Palace this month. He is a mass of comedic talent and has mastered the rare skill of being tasteless in a tasteful manner. For more info go here. In the meantime, here’s a sampler of […]

The Collaborators

Despite being populated by independent stand-up artists, the vibrant SA comedy scene is rife with collaboration. That has been the key to its success. This piece first appeared in Wanted magazine By Hagen Engler The Late Nite News brainstorm room at the Diprente offices in Braamfontein is an intense place. […]

Deep Fried Man: Satire in Flames!

Deep Fried Man went down in fucking flames of technical-glitch hellfire on Wednesday night. But ay, it was fun to watch! The Deep Fried Man Kills show had a whiff of doom from the outset, coming as it did at the end of voting day. At 8pm on election day, […]

Pulling the comedy pin in a crowded theatre

“I’m forty now. I’m not holding back,” proclaims John Vlismas, and he’s not. Everything about him screams it. From his friendly-Satanist aesthetic to his @fortyshort twitter handle to the title of his show, John Vlismas is/in 40.             Clearly this show at the Lyric Theatre is his chance to do […]