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Flash / Flesh

Flash / Flesh is a French performance-art collective working with a non-erotic take on the nude photography to make statements about contemporary society. The translated version of their page also says this: “Flash / Flesh for instant photographic decay of global society”. And anybody who stands for that is okay […]

Video: Ride It: A short film by Ellen von Unwerth

The name of the model in this is Ashley Smith. The short film is the story of a particularly provocative shoot for Galore Mag. Ellen von Unwerth is one of the most respect photographers around. She specialises in erotic feminity, as indeed you see here. She has directed movies and […]

The Spear: Straight Outta The Art Ghetto

In my mind, Brett Murray’s painting, The Spear, is art in its most powerful form. It has challenged people’s values, spoken truth to power, caused controversy, stimulated national debate and transcended the elitist ghetto where this kind of art traditionally resides. That it has done so largely because of the […]