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Video: Greatest DUI test of the millennium!

This shambolically wasted American guy sails through the most complex and challenging set of drunk tests ever devised, while still being blatantly drunk. In the process he wins over the would-be arresting officer and displays the kind of emotional intelligence unknown to generations of politicians. If our guy is this […]

A proud fuck you!

Watching the Southern Kings win their first-ever Super Rugby match was like watching a first child learn how to walk, like seeing your classmate make the cover of the newspaper for saving an old Greek lady when the Baakens river flooded. Like getting barrelled on a wide outside peak at […]

Video: Kai the Hatchet-Wielding Hitchhiker

This gentleman traveller first sprang to our attention when he showed up on YouTube having just saved a couple of people’s lives in Fresno California. He’d got a ride from some guy at the recycling centre and the guy turned out to be a delusional psychopath who tried to kill […]

Video: Hysterical Literature: The making of…

So, we’re not going to lie. We were so fascinated by Clayton Cubitt‘s erotic fusion of high and low art in his Hysterical Literature series that we featured earlier. So we did some further… Let’s call it “research”. If you’re familiar with the art form, Hysterical Literature is a series […]

Video: Top five people who look like frogs

A really epic frog. Often imitated, never matched. Robert Morley A frog, sure. A British bullfrog to be precise, but in the most respectable way. If we were going to look like we’d tried to swallow a tennis ball but changed our mind halfway through, this is how we would […]