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Back to the commentary box!

I’d always believed that entering the comments sections of mainstream news websites was like feeling your way around a swamp in the dark. You’re not sure what’s down there, but you know it’s unpleasant. But lately I’ve overcome my fears and ventured into that lawless land “below the fold”. I’ve […]

Deep Fried Man: Satire in Flames!

Deep Fried Man went down in fucking flames of technical-glitch hellfire on Wednesday night. But ay, it was fun to watch! The Deep Fried Man Kills show had a whiff of doom from the outset, coming as it did at the end of voting day. At 8pm on election day, […]

Flash / Flesh

Flash / Flesh is a French performance-art collective working with a non-erotic take on the nude photography to make statements about contemporary society. The translated version of their page also says this: “Flash / Flesh for instant photographic decay of global society”. And anybody who stands for that is okay […]