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Video: Mrs World 2006: a proper shambles

As total cock-ups go, this was right up there. If you ever wished you were presenter Alan Thicke, this will cure you of that affliction. Look out for Mrs South Africa speaking truth to power and pointing out what a travesty this is. Who’s the winner? Mrs Costa Rica. What? […]

Video: Delicious in its terribleness!

As it says on the packet, a deliciously terrible version of I Will Always Love You. You always wonder how these things end up getting posted on the web. Most normal humans would immediately delete a travesty such as this. But for some of us there’s a narcissism that refuses […]

Video: Everything Is A Remix

This movie by Kirby Ferguson. posits that the idea of the common good has been overwhelmed by the commoditisation of ideas and the concept of intellectual property. It remixes (obviously) the established knowledge that nothing is new, and all is built by copying ideas, then tranforming and combining them. But […]