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Video: Meet Your First Black Girlfriend

Her name is Akilah, and she’s pretty cool. She’s also exactly like any other human woman, as she points out in this handy guide – 11 Things To Keep In Mind Before Dating A Black Woman. Akilah is a comic, writer, blogger and Youtuber with a cool channel here.

Video: How to take a selfie!

“A picture is worth a thousand hashtags, so be sure to use a thousand hashtags” Here’s some bro tips on how to take the ultimate selfie after a gym sesh, when you’re still swole, during the anabolic window. Then, how to optimise it so you become the king of instagram. […]

Video: Jackass Presents: Bad Grandpa

This features a style not unlike that favoured by South African icon Leon Schuster. It’s scripted comedic fiction mixed with real-people stunts and pranks. Good ones, though. We had our hands over our face, peering through our fingers, concomitantly pissing ourselves and shocked at what we were seeing. The movie […]

Video: Beer drinkers, behold your new god!

His name is Mark Manger, and he is the creator of the GrOpener, (Grab-Opener) the latest bottle opener design. the GrOpener is so quick and effective, it makes old-school bottle openers look like a hammer-and-chisel approach. So beer drinkers, behold your future…