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Video: Joan As Police Woman – The Ride

We were turned on to this in the artist sampler of a recent issue of Mojo. In that context it was meant to be part of Paul Weller’s mod movement. Quite what it has in common with that dude, we don’t quite see. However it has served to represent for […]

Video: Stitchmata – Juxtafly

Check out SA dubstep producer Stitchmata’s killer video for Juxtafly. It uses images from an old South African sci-fi TV series called Interster. Stitchmata is Hank Liebenberg. He was signed to a subsidiary of Dope On Plastic over in the UK and is now back in the R of SA […]

Video: 7FT Soundsystem meets Fletcher!

Our old mate Fletcher out of African Dope is back with more dub deeper than a submarine in philosophy class. It’s a collab with 7ft soundsystem and you can download it. Just click “Download”, mos. Our favourite is this one featuring samples of George W Bush talking kak. The blurb […]

Video: Two pieces of cake

So this blackface cake controversy. When I heard, via the always aware @sa_poptart (aka Charl Blignault) on Twitter that the initial pic of the Swedish culture minster Lena Adelsohn Liljeroth cutting the cake was part of an installation art performance, my opinion of it changed.  When I first saw the image, […]

Video: Caine’s Arcade!] This tale of an LA kid’s cardboard arcade had me sobbing like a baby! Caine Monroy was killing time at his dad’s spare parts shop in East LA, when he decided to set up his own games arcade using games he’d invented and made himself out of discarded cardboard […]

Video: Biggie’s first single] Juicy is rated by many as the greatest hip-hop song ever. It’s a rags-to-riches rap that contrasts BIG’s rough Brooklyn heritage with his sweet current situation. Remarkable that he had achieved that before releasing his first song. But anyway. It also includes some of the coldest lines: “It was […]

Video: Dude, my mom’s gonna kill me!

Dude takes his flame war with the notorious Black Fraction to a new level of real by getting the family guns out of the gun safe, pouring a sneaky whiskey at the liquor cabinet and “bringing it” on Skype. The man is seriously his own worst enemy. “You ain’t got […]