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The lounge is my oyster

Sometimes having fewer options makes you value the ones you have a whole lot more. During the months of studious research I put into this column I dug out a drawer of photographs and mused on the image of my youthful self. In these ancient snaps, your correspondent is flushed […]

Fashion surprise!

So… we don’t profess to know anything about fashion here at HagensHouse. But this was pretty interesting. Particularly what the young lady did with her fashion in its contra-orthodox utilitarianism.

Racism test

Classic scene from Extras where Maggie gets into a misunderstanding with a black colleague and starts to worry she might be thought a racist. Quick as a flash, Andy whips out his racism test and confirms everyone’s worst fears…

Motorised surfboard!

The latest, logical step in the evolution of tow-in surfing: jet powered surfboards! Makes sense, and it saves big-wave surfers from investing in a tow-in partner and a jetski. The JetSurf does look a little lame, though. Holding onto a leash and all. There’s no accounting for what invention ends […]

Cunning free kick!

This stunt emanates from the game between RW Essen and Fortuna Dusseldorf II in the second tier of the German Fussball Bundesliga. This then led us to the collected free-kick majesty of Juninho – acknowledged by many as the greatest free-kick specialist of all time. This particular Juninho played for Olympique Lyonnais […]

New Book! Out now!

My latest book, Marrying Black Girls For Guys Who Aren’t Black, on MFBooks, is in bookshops right now. Veterans of HagensHouse will recognise the title as coming from the blog post of the same name, which is in fact the most popular one on this site. Hence the book, mos. […]

Eminem – Berzerk

Still the best in the game. Still insane. Still main.  Here with the main guy in the production game, Rick Rubin in an Eighties throwback vid to build buzz for the Marshall Mathers LP 2. Dr Dre and Rubin are executive producing. It’s due out November 5.

Bass Dogs

Probably the best site on the Internet…

It’s called Bass Dogs, and the basic idea is taking pictures of people playing fingerstyle bass guitar and replacing the basses with wacky images of massive, fluffy dogs, so it looks like the dude is holding a hound and tickling it. This would be your Slipknot bass dog, right here… […]