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The End – Quarta Past

Some experimental backpackin’ hip-hop beats from a Joburg artist named Quarta Past. This is The End. Pretty heavy social-comment lyrics on there about what it means to be a man, among other things. The apocalyptic, minimalist production is by Damian Wilde. “Describes the cycle of manlesshood” is what QP says […]

Rocking a wild life!

Zachariah Vincent comes from a family of environmental documentarians. “My parents ran a small independent film company that made waves throughout the world with their award-winning documentaries. During apartheid they smuggled images of oppression north and during post-apartheid they were mavericks in the field of environmental journalism.” Zach is a […]

Drop that #NaeNae

Hip-hop R&B dance craze the #NaeNae, as popularised in the debut single by Atlanta crew We Are Toonz – Drop That #NaeNae. The dance was performed by basketballers John Wall and Paul George after Wall had won a slam-dunk contest in February 2014. And here the inspiration for the dance, the […]

Video: UJ Book Launch

We had a really cool launch for Marrying Black Girls For Guys Who Aren’t Black at the University of Johannesburg. Thanks to the UJ Library And Information Centre and MFBooks/Jacana, which jointly facilitated the launch. It was well attended by an intelligent, engaged and inquisitive young, black audience. This is […]

A sunset dip

You and a couple of friends have spent Sunday afternoon kayaking and windsurfing at the dam. The boat club even let you take the motorboat out and do a little wakeboarding and waterskiing. It’s sweet. You’re thinking of joining, so you’re pretty much just hanging out checking out the facilities […]

Oeuvres Like Jagger

The Rolling Stones are known as a rock band, but in fact they are one of the most musically diverse acts on earth. They were influenced by a broad range of music, and in turn they have had a huge influence on other artists. Here are some of the musical […]

Stone cold superstar

Mick Jagger digs to control things. So he took over his band, his business and then the world. In the dictionary under the word “complex”, there should be a picture of Rolling Stones frontman Mick Jagger. Because this dude’s greatest achievement is probably that despite him being under the constant […]

Apt & audio

I never made it, but I heard about it. At the Lizard Lounge. A group with rhymes, with a dime on hooks like chokka lines off Plett you can’t forget. And good guys recognise and Jay couldn’t help himself, ay. Said we had a band in the style of the […]