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Oscars: Behind the Scenes in the TV truck

The view from the TV truck as director Louis J Horvitz directs the 70th annual Academy Awards in 1997. Here he wills his team to capture the experience in all its manic exuberance as Cuba Gooding Jr steps up to collect his Oscar for Best Supporting Actor in Jerry Maguire. It’s an […]

‘Nuclear is Dead’

This is economist and social theorist Jeremy Rifkin on why he thinks nuclear power is dead as a viable energy source. Rifkin is the president of the Foundation on Economic Trends and has written numerous books, on “the impact of scientific and technological changes on the economy, the workforce, society, […]

Video: Ancient archery skill rediscovered!

The legendary tales of archery are so impressive that modern archers believe they’re simply lies. The stories told about the prowess of archers of yore were so many times better than the bow-and-arrow guys of today, that it just did not seem possible. After all, with the development of carbon arrows, […]

Google Project Tango: Wow!

The way we understand it, for the past year, Google have had a team developing a phone that can 3D-Map its environment. The applications for this, as explained in this video, include allowing the phone to give auditory cues to the visually impaired, virtual portals into imaginary gaming worlds and being […]