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Charlize Theron speaks sexy Afrikaans!

Charlize shows off her Afrikaans chops on Piers Morgan’s CNN show. And sure, it’s the cliched, “Okay I’m speaking the language, what do you want me to say,” type of speaking, but it gives us awesome pride just to see confirmed that Oscar-winning Hollywood actress Charlize Theron is indeed a […]

FHM: It was a blast!

It was going to end sooner or later.  Young guys are super tech savvy, and digitally aware, so a print magazine for guys was always going to be a victim of digital media migration. But it was great while it lasted! The title launched by founding publishers Louis Eksteen and […]

How I knew Reeva Steenkamp

This piece first ran in the Daily Maverick Reeva Steenkamp was my homegirl. Which is slightly different to her being my friend. We were friends too, but that came later. First of all, we were from PE. People from Port Elizabeth share a sense of heritage, a flat, working-class accent, […]

Video: Michelle Jenneke bikini shoot!

That’s right! Michelle Jenneke, at one point (and possibly still) the sexiest athlete on the internet, thanks to her improvised sexy dance before one of her hurdles races, has now been approached by Sports Illustrated for a photo shoot. Game Aussie girl that she is, she accepted…

Video: PSY-MC Hammer mash-up at AMAs

This performance closed this week’s American  Music Awards. Current lord of the Multipipe Korean rapper PSY has amassed something like 779 million views with his Gangnam Style video. So who better to team up with on his coming-out performance than the man who did the equivalent thing 20 years ago, […]

Video: Hysterical Literature: The making of…

So, we’re not going to lie. We were so fascinated by Clayton Cubitt‘s erotic fusion of high and low art in his Hysterical Literature series that we featured earlier. So we did some further… Let’s call it “research”. If you’re familiar with the art form, Hysterical Literature is a series […]