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Neil Patrick Harris – Tony Awards Opening Number

Showtunes. Lame, right? Er, no, actually. Neil Patrick Harris demonstrates talent here at the 2013 Tony Awards show that puts just about every other performing artist to shame. This has more energy than any rock band could hope to display, tongue-twisting lyricism that puts hip-hop acts to shame… Oh, and […]

Video: PSY-MC Hammer mash-up at AMAs

This performance closed this week’s American  Music Awards. Current lord of the Multipipe Korean rapper PSY has amassed something like 779 million views with his Gangnam Style video. So who better to team up with on his coming-out performance than the man who did the equivalent thing 20 years ago, […]

Rodriguez, me and my Man Card

I’m becoming a bit of a sissy these days. Look, I’m still a muscled beast of a guy, with a very valid Man Card. I have arms like shipping cables, voice like a bass bin, testosterone oozing out of me like salmonella from a bag of defrosting prawns… I’m just, […]

Video: Words & Music by Inspector Ras

The Near Misses – In The Movies (Live) The card-carrying Worst Band In JoburgTM, live and direct, from Smugglers, north of the Witkoppen Road psychological boundary with the far north of Jozi… As The Crow Flies My band, The Near Misses live at Jozi Studios… Angry People A poem of […]

She’s Lost Control vs She’s Lost Control

Joy Division remain one of my favourite bands of all time. They helped invent alternative rock, and were among the first groups to fuse electronic and rock music. Singer Ian Curtis tragically topped himself in 1980, just as they had their first international hit with Love Will Tear Us Apart. […]