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Stuff White People Like: The Cricket

Cricket as a sport is great, and pleasant to follow. However, “The Cricket” is a slightly different proposition. This is when you pack deckchairs, hats and a lot of sunblock in your car and actually go to the ground to watch a match. White people can do this endlessly, or […]

Back to the commentary box!

I’d always believed that entering the comments sections of mainstream news websites was like feeling your way around a swamp in the dark. You’re not sure what’s down there, but you know it’s unpleasant. But lately I’ve overcome my fears and ventured into that lawless land “below the fold”. I’ve […]

Stuff (South African) White People Like

I have a new book out! Yes indeedy-do! It is a book and it is new, and it is out. But in fact it is not 100 percent mine. It is the local adaptation of the world famous blogging and booking franchise, Stuff White People Like by Christian Lander. Stuff […]

Code Pink at the front desk

We were in Cape Town for a conference at one of those four-star hotels on the Foreshore. That day I had quietly distinguished myself from my conference peers with my intelligence and wit. Which is to say, I asked two questions and came up with a funny tweet during the […]

Neil Patrick Harris – Tony Awards Opening Number

Showtunes. Lame, right? Er, no, actually. Neil Patrick Harris demonstrates talent here at the 2013 Tony Awards show that puts just about every other performing artist to shame. This has more energy than any rock band could hope to display, tongue-twisting lyricism that puts hip-hop acts to shame… Oh, and […]

Give it up for the Toothsta!

Okay, 2OceansVibe tipped us off about this oke. Toothsta is all about health, exercise and body transformation, but his pure-Joburg personality shines through like a beaut. His video updates feature manic to-camera raps in his car in the way to gym, Tootshsta posing with other bodybuilding celebs like former heat […]

Comrade Baby: Latest book by Hagen Engler

“It’s like Justice Malala being married to Joe Slovo, except one of us is a white liberal” Marrying Black Girls for Guys who aren’t Black, The Colour of One, and other learnings on the path from white privilege to the Benoni taxi rank. Hagen Engler gains perspective on blackness, whiteness, […]

Stories scars tell

Every scar tells a story, they say. In the old days, these would have been tales of glory, conquest and victory on the battlefield of nations. These days, scars are somewhat more prosaic. Actually, I just looked up prosaic. Not prosaic. Embarrassing. As I cast about my body for disturbances […]