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White Man Selling Points!

Open Letter To The Black Women of Mzansi: By Hagen Engler Black ladies, are you romantically intrigued by white men? No? Well, maybe you should be! I know you’ve seen us white boys around. I know you’ve been checking us out. Even if it is with a mixture of curiosity, disdain and […]

FHM: It was a blast!

It was going to end sooner or later.  Young guys are super tech savvy, and digitally aware, so a print magazine for guys was always going to be a victim of digital media migration. But it was great while it lasted! The title launched by founding publishers Louis Eksteen and […]

Video: Meet Your First Black Girlfriend

Her name is Akilah, and she’s pretty cool. She’s also exactly like any other human woman, as she points out in this handy guide – 11 Things To Keep In Mind Before Dating A Black Woman. Akilah is a comic, writer, blogger and Youtuber with a cool channel here.

How to drink beer, with Captain Luke

When we hit seventy, or however old this is, we want to be rocking it like Cap’n Luke. We also want to have developed our own dialect that is only 70% decipherable to other people, put we won’t give a fuck about that or about you or if you do.

Video: How to take a selfie!

“A picture is worth a thousand hashtags, so be sure to use a thousand hashtags” Here’s some bro tips on how to take the ultimate selfie after a gym sesh, when you’re still swole, during the anabolic window. Then, how to optimise it so you become the king of instagram. […]

Give it up for the Toothsta!

Okay, 2OceansVibe tipped us off about this oke. Toothsta is all about health, exercise and body transformation, but his pure-Joburg personality shines through like a beaut. His video updates feature manic to-camera raps in his car in the way to gym, Tootshsta posing with other bodybuilding celebs like former heat […]

Make every second count!

If this motivational vid doesn’t make you get up off your arse and into the world to seize the day at every offered opportunity, then you either have a very excellent life already, or you’ve given up completely. Us, it brought a tear to our eye and made us marvel […]

The quest for sexy

  What makes a hot swimsuit? A killer cozzie? I work in the industry and it’s my job to choose costumes for sexy women to wear. At men’s lifestyle magazine FHM, we do glamour shoots with South Africa’s most beautiful swimsuit models. I’m the editor, so I spend a lot […]