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Safrea presents: GG Alcock

Awesome speaker at the next Safrea event! We host GG Alcock, author of Third World Child at the Library, Brazen Head Sandton, tomorrow night. GG grew up in a Zulu community in Msinga, KZN. Today, he runs Minanawe Marketing, an events and activation agency for the mass market. Third World […]

Good news from the future!

Here Tesla CEO Elon Musk unveils the company’s two game-changing new battery products that promise to to help humanity fulfil its energy needs using solar energy only. The problem with solar has always been that we can harness the power of the sun using solar panels, but we have not […]

Technological disobedience!

When Cuba lost the support of the Soviet Union in the early 1990s, its people were forced to rely on their own ingenuity to survive. Technologically, this led them to disassemble and re-engineer the ageing machines they had access to, and to put them to new uses. Ernesto Oroza, a […]

Behold the work of Pieter Hugo

Arts portal Artsy have a cool new page for South African photographer Pieter Hugo. It’s well worth checking out and then browsing the site from there… The above image was taken on Green Point Common in 2013, and it’s from the series, “Kin”. The one below was taken in 2010 at […]