Stuff (South African) White People Like

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This is the local adaptation of the world famous blogging and booking franchise, Stuff White People Like by Christian Lander.

Stuff White People Like began life as a blog by Christian, and his friend Myles Valentin here. That thing shot the lights out. Apparently they cracked 40 million views within about 6 months of its launch in 2008. Impressive, no? Yes. He’s sitting at 99 million at the moment!

So then enterprising big-time publisher Random House approached Mr Lander and the blog was adapted into a book. In the trade that is known as a “blook”, but we try not to use that too often.

I believe there have been adaptations published in other leading white-people territories like Australia, the UK and New Zealand. Thus it became the turn of Jonathan Ball Publishers South Africa to publish one. Your loyal typist was the white person chosen to do this one.

The approach adopted by the original SWPL is to satirise the bohemian/hipster culture of North America. While SA is also blessed with this strain of bearded, fixie-riding white person, it is not the dominant culture. We also do a good line in unpretentious, working-class, salt-of-the-earth, slop-wearing, rugby supporting white people. So we incorporated that type of white person into the SA version and satirised the hell out of them too.

Stuff (South African) White People Like is available in leading SA bookshops now! Sommer nou-nou. And online at If you’re still interested, the blurb is below…


You’ll find them sipping an espresso with the Sunday Times open at Zapiro, a Tashas Panini en route and a MacBook Pro streaming a Foals album on the wi-fi. Or rocking a Bok jersey, shorts and slops, braaiing out of the back of a Hilux in the Loftus car park.

They are all of these things and none of them. They are unique combinations of dozens of odd predilections. They are White People, and they are among us.

They are few, but they are powerful. Learn the ways of whiteness and they will buy you biltong, take you to the cricket, and help you download series that aren’t even showing here yet!

Stuff White People Like is your guide to white people’s pantheon of greatness. Sandwiches! MMA! Threatening to emigrate! It’s all here! Helen Zille! Madiba! Rodriguez! No icon is forgotten!

Here’s a book that decodes, explains, and advises on finding social success with the Caucasian persuasion. It also allows experienced white people to brush up on their whiteness and smirk knowingly. So kick back on your L-shaped leather couch, crack a craft beer and lose yourself in this guide to the variable whiteness of being.

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