My latest collab!

My latest book project is 415 Action-Packed Neighbourhood Marketing Tips, where I was a ghost writer for South African marketing legend Basil O’Hagan.

You will know Basil as the man behind the O’Hagan’s Pub & Grill chain, as well as the Brazen Head chain of Irish restaurants. Both of those esteemed franchises gained their massive local and international success from the power of neighbourhood marketing.

Concisely put, this means marketing your retail business to the people who live, work and shop within 10 minutes of your store. Not with a shotgun approach to the whole world!

A business owner needs to integrate himself into his community if he wants them to support him.

The book expands on this principle and several more, and also provides the titular few hundred practical neighbourhood marketing tips that businesses can implement right now to “Attract Customers! Make Sales! Boost Profits! In your own back yard!”

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It includes sections on customer service, social media, advertising, and actual promotions that have worked for the unpretentious Mr O’Hagan. All are directly relevant to the South African market.

The book is already selling well, as it is being marketed directly to retail outlets besides attracting serious interest from the publishing trade.

If you are a retailer or small business owner, this could be of some use to you. Look out for it in book stores, or email the big man directly –




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