Something soft and something bolder

If I can make the bar, the far won’t set me back. Within a reach-around of Dirck, I’m set. I can smell my hone, my own is hell it’s home. Coat outside a schwitz, a beast inside it hits. A Malan mulling on my elbow, what he says is hard to tell though. Well sung, well write on hell tho. Lusive speaks of missing e’s oh, where to set on sailer seas, oh, Clint’s all speaks, oh, words he seeks so, I’m all set someone can sing, Albino Beach aren’t like that thing. The only vocal worry, There’s a lot of you, so sorry. As if he has to pologise, Amuse’s best of gatherise, I missed a New Academise, but I surmise it’s ball-park full it’s fuller. Never seen it any woulda, could’ve know I wooden elf, a longer nose I smell myself, and no one else should suffer hell! Beers are going strong as Hulk, I’m Pumas Lions Kings I’m Valke, Dirck his order’s whisky bulk and, all on beer until it’s spent, and you’re on cider what you get. Now reach for me! All time Albino Beach for me. Music that you’ve never teach for me. Heard the like a million each for me! Peaches Pink it, pink is preach to me! Floyd Explosion Sky is beat do me. Rocky Two rock psyche deal, first post the rock experiment it heals. No I’m qualified I’m eels. No fins no feet no bent, no highs. No comment, tho replies; that’s what spoils the ana-lies so, mucho-macho best to fester, squash two-fisted cheers to chest, a last two beerstrumental fest. Millers up and down it throws, I didn’t know they still make those, it’s spacious sound is as it goes, on sights unscene wild, well-found ones too, splashing up project it, shock it, inside-up a stage, a rocket, inside out a rallel lines and shapes and shifts and grooves complex, a simplest thing I’ve been I’m sex, a child a birth a love all mine, why you falling down in line? No room for falling down this time it’s time to shine, is go to heaven, our first one since two-oh-seven. Seven, eight, now, nother time, how we had jobs now we’re all free, the only lance now get it realised, not employed we’re actual eyes, our reverie head-nodding I’s. Remind ourselves each other’s back, story time another plek, a pluck, a dark and spacious love, and journeys into undersubs, a Mercury, a la-la Lounge. Waldo says it might’ve been, I think the downstairs open mic, free-jam slam a poet thang, on Mondays Carstens in-between and other bands and where they been, we no-night stands and sharing hands ‘n tips on trips and chips there’s cops, roadblocks ah from bosses’ clocks. Taking stock was other times, Albino rocks okay sublime, we’ll undo stops, encore more time. Got no more songs we make shit up. Short girls make it to the front, impossible sound rigs of grunt, I don’t get pedals, sound possessed, is ground is twisted, pics are found are image-lifted, primal taste in upper liftment. Impeccable illity Homes, that CD gonna drive me home, it better know me where I roam, is where the heart is Linden-Craighall, Park is sound is wrapped up in all, in a hearth is winter time, is warm and sound is parking in, and out my heart Albino Beach. Was then and now words necessary, never sound they way might. when you sleep up to the mic, they intro thank you cheers g’night, there was a sound and there was light, there we were inside the night, and inside us it must’ve pulled there, where we were coz something hold us, was it us or someone told us, sustenance or was it rolled us, something soft and something bolder, girls on someone else’s shoulder, buy your warm and try to hold up, as it slip inside and goes it, shows us it and now it’s over. What to hold outside is colder. What are words insists. Exists. It’s just. It’s this.

Writer for television, print and digital, corporate and editorial. Editor and writer of books. Musical performance, spoken word as Inspector Ras. Guitar/vocals for The Near Misses, (Worst Band In JoburgTM). The last whitey at umsebenzi. Latest book 415 Action-Packed Neighbourhood Marketing Tips with Basil O'Hagan, out now. @hagenengler

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