Fokn Bois – Cos Ov Moni

The 35-minute dancehall rap adventure movie Cos Ov Moni claims to be the “first ever pidgin musical”. We like to think of it as the wickedest music video we’ve ever seen. It stars M3nsa and Wanlov da Kubolor, the two lyrical geniii who make up “Gospel Porn Rap” duo Fokn Bois.

They’re from Ghana, and besides lyrical dexterity, the two are masters of satire and pushers of boundaries beyond compare. Tell me, for instance which other artists on earth are brave enough to put out a song called, Sexin Islamic Girls? Or a track called Thank God We’re Not A Nigerians? Or to have an album cover featuring the two of them in bed with a sheep? Exactly.

True courage is rare, and it is on ample display in the work of the Fokn Bois. Their work is ambitious and their skills are sharp – as shown on the seemingly endless rap masterpiece Brkn Lngwjs.

There will be a Joburg showing of Cos Ov Moni at The Bioscope this weekend, Saturday 27 September, 8pm. There’s already a Cos Ov Moni 2 coming out, so SA are a bit behind on the the Fokn Bois phenomenon. We must catch up.



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