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We’re starting a band, Baby!

That is correct! And we play a blend of funk, rock and afro-pop, with a hint of the pure-pop stylings of the Beach Boys and The Crystals. The name of the band is Superbruise, and it features Alistair Anderson, Tom Falkiner, Nick Wilson and your faithful correspondent, Hagen Engler, aka […]

Thina Sobabili: From the hard drive to the world

There is a grim scene about halfway through Ernest Nkosi’s Thina Sobabili that just makes your skin crawl. It is one of the most horrific, outrageous and disgusting pieces of cinematography your correspondent has witnessed. In the scene, Skhalo, played by Richard Lukunku, verbally and psychologically abuses his partner Zoleka, […]

Video: The water photography of Clark Little

Hawaiian photographer Clark Little grew up riding waves on the famous North Shore of Oahu, the mecca of surfing. When he grew up, he developed a liking for the waves of the Waimea Bay shorebreak. That’s not really a surf spot. All that happens at the Waimea shorebreak is massive, 10-15 foot […]

The path of the seven revolutions

All Mannie Engler knew was when the sound of bombers comes, to dive into the ditch and be afraid. The road from Neutemischl was bad. Three times a day, once in the morning, twice in the afternoon. They’d not been among the lucky ones evacuated from Danzig by the Kriegsmarine. […]

Video: Sylvana’s legendary video!

I worked at FHM, but I didn’t often post stuff from there on my personal blog. I made an exception in the case of the lovely Sylvana Easton, though. Sylvana appeared from nowhere, sending us a couple of pics in 2009. We were blown away, and immediately organised to do a short […]

Charlize Theron speaks sexy Afrikaans!

Charlize shows off her Afrikaans chops on Piers Morgan’s CNN show. And sure, it’s the cliched, “Okay I’m speaking the language, what do you want me to say,” type of speaking, but it gives us awesome pride just to see confirmed that Oscar-winning Hollywood actress Charlize Theron is indeed a […]