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The End – Quarta Past

Some experimental backpackin’ hip-hop beats from a Joburg artist named Quarta Past. This is The End. Pretty heavy social-comment lyrics on there about what it means to be a man, among other things. The apocalyptic, minimalist production is by Damian Wilde. “Describes the cycle of manlesshood” is what QP says […]

Rocking a wild life!

Zachariah Vincent comes from a family of environmental documentarians. “My parents ran a small independent film company that made waves throughout the world with their award-winning documentaries. During apartheid they smuggled images of oppression north and during post-apartheid they were mavericks in the field of environmental journalism.” Zach is a […]

Deep Fried Man: Satire in Flames!

Deep Fried Man went down in fucking flames of technical-glitch hellfire on Wednesday night. But ay, it was fun to watch! The Deep Fried Man Kills show had a whiff of doom from the outset, coming as it did at the end of voting day. At 8pm on election day, […]