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I kissed a gangster

I’m in PE for a school reunion. And not one of the tidy ones. This one happens after just enough time has passed to realize that the arseholes in your matric class weren’t necessarily arseholes, they were just sixteen. Everyone’s a bit of an arsehole when they’re sixteen, and so were you. […]

A tactical vote for the Left!

  I’m not about to start doing my Woolworths dinner shopping in a red beret, nor am I yet comfortable calling my barman “fighter” when I’ve just purchased a R50 craft beer, but I’m still going to vote EFF come May 7. Let me explain why. I believe the ANC has the […]

Code Pink at the front desk

We were in Cape Town for a conference at one of those four-star hotels on the Foreshore. That day I had quietly distinguished myself from my conference peers with my intelligence and wit. Which is to say, I asked two questions and came up with a funny tweet during the […]

FHM: It was a blast!

It was going to end sooner or later.  Young guys are super tech savvy, and digitally aware, so a print magazine for guys was always going to be a victim of digital media migration. But it was great while it lasted! The title launched by founding publishers Louis Eksteen and […]

Video: Skrillex – Ragga Bomb with Ragga Twins

This spectacular video was created by SA film company Egg Films. It was shot in Johannesburg and Alexandra and directed by SA director Terence Neale. Set in post-apocalyptic dystopia, the video features the skating recyclers on their trolleys that are such a feature of Johannesburg streets. You know you’ve always […]


This poem was inspired by an idea from J Dogmatica, the good revolutionaries of and the freedom fighters Oupa Moloto, Caroline Motsoaledi, Pahle Motsoaledi Oumaki Bautlwanye, Sizakele Nkosi and Vincent Ndlovu. Some lyrics are an interpolation of this piece here. Soldiers by Hagen Engler on Mixcloud