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Video: UJ Book Launch

We had a really cool launch for Marrying Black Girls For Guys Who Aren’t Black at the University of Johannesburg. Thanks to the UJ Library And Information Centre and MFBooks/Jacana, which jointly facilitated the launch. It was well attended by an intelligent, engaged and inquisitive young, black audience. This is […]

Who is William Onyeabor?

A Nigerian pioneer of electronic music, is the short answer. But also an extremely mysterious man, who eschews the limelight despite having been a bona fide pop star in Nigeria in the late Seventies and early Eighties. The style of Moog-driven psychedelic pop-funk that he created was eventually appreciated by […]

‘Where did that year go?’

Yes, it’s 2014. And yes, time flies. The passing of the years actually accelerates. I reckon by the time we’re eighty, years will seem like a long weekend away in Mpumalanga. I can pretty much guarantee that by this time next year, we’ll be sitting here expressing the same outrage […]

Google Project Tango: Wow!

The way we understand it, for the past year, Google have had a team developing a phone that can 3D-Map its environment. The applications for this, as explained in this video, include allowing the phone to give auditory cues to the visually impaired, virtual portals into imaginary gaming worlds and being […]

Video: Dark Side of The Lens

Mickey Smith is an Irish surf photographer, a “silent workhorse of the surfing world”, shooting in the rough, ice-cold waters on the west coast of Ireland. This is his tribute to his craft. “If I only scrape a living,” he says, “At least it’s a living worth scraping. If I […]

Video: Meet Your First Black Girlfriend

Her name is Akilah, and she’s pretty cool. She’s also exactly like any other human woman, as she points out in this handy guide – 11 Things To Keep In Mind Before Dating A Black Woman. Akilah is a comic, writer, blogger and Youtuber with a cool channel here.