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Oeuvres Like Jagger

The Rolling Stones are known as a rock band, but in fact they are one of the most musically diverse acts on earth. They were influenced by a broad range of music, and in turn they have had a huge influence on other artists. Here are some of the musical […]

Stone cold superstar

Mick Jagger digs to control things. So he took over his band, his business and then the world. In the dictionary under the word “complex”, there should be a picture of Rolling Stones frontman Mick Jagger. Because this dude’s greatest achievement is probably that despite him being under the constant […]

Feel my PE-ness!

True love for Port Elizabeth means taking the rough with the smooth, the beaches and the bonhomie with the post-industrial bleakness, writes Hagen Engler. Tim Hopwood is leaving PE. For anyone who knows Port Elizabeth, this will come as no surprise. Tim Hopwood has left PE many times. Also, people […]