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Apt & audio

I never made it, but I heard about it. At the Lizard Lounge. A group with rhymes, with a dime on hooks like chokka lines off Plett you can’t forget. And good guys recognise and Jay couldn’t help himself, ay. Said we had a band in the style of the […]

How the oceans can clean themselves

This Tedx talk by 18-year-old Boyan Slat proposes using ocean currents and anchored filtration platforms linked by wings of fine-mesh gauze to filter out even the smallest plastic particles from the ocean in the five mid-oceanic gyres on earth.

The Roger Federer of Pomping

Dating a black woman is its own reward. But, oddly, some feel the need to congratulate you for it. Before they’ve even met your lovely girlfriend. “Wow. Nice, nice. So what’s it like, going out with a black babe?” The fact is it’s much like going out with any babe. […]

Something sexy

Whatever language this is in, is totally irrelevant. Apparently the female thespian in question is an actress named Eva Vica Karekes. And a fine actress she is too!

Ask Master Wong!

Master Wong is the scariest wing chung expert imaginable. No chilled zen mellowness for him. He clearly relishes combat and arse-kicking like Rob Ford loves crack pipes. This boxer dude has the temerity to ask Master Wong how he would deal with a boxing assault. He gets it explained to […]

You took the Xhosa words right out of my mouth

Being a first-language English speaker in South Africa can be like living in a mono-lingual culture bubble. Trying to burst that bubble is a fascinating adventure. By Hagen Engler Have I thought of learning Xhosa? I am learning Xhosa! Christ, I’ve been learning Xhosa since 1984! Unfortunately the only purpose for […]

Unfinished business

If you had your chance and you missed it, it’s too late already. Cos we’re not coming back to finish unfinished business like Ali and Frazier. No fight of the Century for me, no Thrilla in Manila, no best of three. One fight, one battle, one showdown to throw down […]