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Thanks, Lou

A tribute to artist, poet and rock ‘n’ roll star Lou Reed, with links to some of his music… I first became aware of Lou Reed in the Nineties, by which time his best work was behind him. But at that point he – and his former band The Velvet […]

50 Facts on tracks!

Get your music trivia here! 1 Axl Rose is an anagram for “oral sex”. 2 The two largest concert audiences in history were both estimated at 3,5-million people. The one show was Jean Michel Jarre in Moscow in 1997 and the other was your favourite artist – Rod Stewart on Copacabana beach, […]

Passion Killers!

Sometimes women’s tiniest habits can become total deal-breakers for men. Here are a few tips on what to avoid. Ladies, we men love you like we love our own lives. Like we love the scent of moist earth after a summer rain. Like we love the sight of a freshly poured draught […]

Flash / Flesh

Flash / Flesh is a French performance-art collective working with a non-erotic take on the nude photography to make statements about contemporary society. The translated version of their page also says this: “Flash / Flesh for instant photographic decay of global society”. And anybody who stands for that is okay […]

The Great Hip Hop Hoax

These two dudes from Dundee, Scotland, could rap, but the industry wouldn’t give them the time of day. Just because of where they were from. Disgusted with the superficial pretentiousness of the industry, and how it utterly disregarded their talent, they decided to call their bluff.  They created two new […]

Tyler The Creator – Tamale

White-face, golf, booty-trampoline, him having a wank and some pixelized, satirical shit that could be just about anything… It’s the latest from Tyler the Creator, driver and genius of Odd Future WGKTA and universally despised by the politically correct. Ah, we’ll give him a chance.

Such a great game!

This was how I spent Saturday. Well, watching this rugby union test match, and generally being loose on the Joburg scene. We kicked off at a mate’s house in Sandton around noon, spent a couple hours in Soweto, had a taxi breakdown on the way back into Joburg, came in […]

To this day – Shane Coyczan

A spoken-word journey to childhood and back, by Mr Coyczan, a Canadian poet and writer. A proper moving take on the lifelong impact of bullying, and brilliantly enhanced by animations from his collaborators. In 2000, Shane became the first Canadian to win the US’s National Poetry Slam. He is also […]

The lounge is my oyster

Sometimes having fewer options makes you value the ones you have a whole lot more. During the months of studious research I put into this column I dug out a drawer of photographs and mused on the image of my youthful self. In these ancient snaps, your correspondent is flushed […]