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Video: Surfing Killer Whales!

Here is some outrageously bizarre footage from 2011 of a pod of killer whales riding the wake of a boat in the Sea of Cortez off Mexico (aka the Gulf of California, in the Pacific). It was shot by Laura Howard.

Video: Ryan Doyle: Parkour In The City Of Contrasts

That’s Baku, on this occasion. We’re actually unaware of any city on the planet of Earth that doesn’t bill itself as a “city of contrasts”. But whatever. This is about parkour and free-running, and Ryan Doyle is said to be the best in the world at it. Though this Damien […]

Video: Tow-in Skimboarding!

Skimboarding. That’s the one where you usually run down the beach in the shallows and do a little turn in the shorebreak on a one-foot reform in the backwash. Maybe throw a bit of spray. Now this guy Brad Domke has started towing in with a jetski on big waves. […]