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Video: Nirvana HD Awesomeness!

Apparently they invented HD video format just in time to catch Nirvana live on French TV in 1994. This gives us a chance to appreciate one of the world’s greatest rock ‘n’ roll bands in full effect, but there’s more to it. Besides the magnificent crispness, this gives a sense […]

Video: Push back the desert!

Here’s some hope for humanity right here. In this TED talk, Dr Allen Savory explains his ideas on reversing desertification, learnt in the African bushveld. While his views have not gone unchallenged, (not least by Ralph Maughan here) they do make sense at first blush. Savory maintains that far from […]

Video: Oliver Mtukudzi in the house!

It’s Living Legend Day at Sheer Sound. Zimbabwean chimurenga master Thomas Mapfumo arrives in a funky pinstriped business suit to discuss his deal, while his countryman and fellow national treasure Oliver Mtukudzi holds a series of media interviews. There’s a bizarre moment in the corridors of the record company as […]

Video: Can-crush meditation

The pleasant crushing sound, the raw power of the miniature battering ram, the rhythmic repetitiveness of placing the cans and seeing them fall into the bin. Watching this Pitman drive can crusher in action may well be the path to enlightenment. We could watch this thing until we slip into […]