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Azealia Banks – “Barely Legal”

This is a dance-R&B cover version of the song Barely Legal from the debut Strokes album, the original of which is septically ill. As for this version, we were all “wow, this is awesome.” And then we were like, “not as good as the original, though”. And then we were […]

Video: Ride It: A short film by Ellen von Unwerth

The name of the model in this is Ashley Smith. The short film is the story of a particularly provocative shoot for Galore Mag. Ellen von Unwerth is one of the most respect photographers around. She specialises in erotic feminity, as indeed you see here. She has directed movies and […]

Video: Ludicrously athletic guy!

We pulled a pec just watching this. But the strongest guy in the gym here doesn’t lift a single weight. He’s just taking lift-your-own-bodyweight exercises to transcendental new levels. Check how he turns heads with every exercise! Tee Major is his name, and he’s a military fitness instructor and a […]

Her picture, but not

This story first appeared in the Daily Maverick By Hagen Engler In the wake of the tragic killing of model Reeva Steenkamp by her boyfriend, athlete Oscar Pistorius, images of her were flashed around the world to accompany the stories of this uniquely South African nightmare. But where did these […]

Video: Wearable gesture control from Thalmic Labs

Meet the Myo. This gadget represents the fusion of two hot technology trends – wearable tech and gesture control. The Myo is worn as a strap on the forearm and recognises about 20 separate gestures, which can be used to control the likes of gyrocopters, robots, home computer applications and […]

Video: Chevrolet builds a cricket pitch!

This is the first time we’ve ever watched an entire YouTube ad. And we even abandoned the video we were originally planning to watch! We were just pretty impressed with Chevrolet building a cricket pitch at Cowan High School, which also happens to be in Port Elizabeth, our old stomping […]