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Video: Lenny Bruce: All Alone

Spoken-word fusion? Heartfelt yet flippant, arrogant and humble? Well, if you’re trying to find how to do it best, you need to start with Lenny Bruce. Here he mixes in beat poetry, comedy, lounge jazz and doggerel rhyme in this version of All Alone.

Video: Hysterical Literature: The making of…

So, we’re not going to lie. We were so fascinated by Clayton Cubitt‘s erotic fusion of high and low art in his Hysterical Literature series that we featured earlier. So we did some further… Let’s call it “research”. If you’re familiar with the art form, Hysterical Literature is a series […]

Video: Journalists getting their arses kicked!

The media get a lot of stick, largely for being apologist stooge toadies of the neoliberal capitalist establishment and the voice of exploitive right-wing oppression worldwide. So, it’s fun to see them getting utterly cancelled live on camera by vigilante citizens, and the slow, vengeful hand of karma. We dedicate […]