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Video: Two girls four punches

These two girls realised they had never been punched in the face, and thus were missing out on one of life’s great formative experiences. They had also not ever had a black eye. They set out to remedy that…

What it takes to get to Mauritius

Janette was from DRC. Raised in SA, though. Her English was Model-C style, from her schooling in Grahamstown. You wouldn’t know she wasn’t South African if you didn’t try speak Xhosa to her or something.             But some people know. The lady behind the counter at Home Affairs knew. “From […]

Video: Seinfeld reunion on Curb Your Enthusiasm

As you know, the original series of Seinfeld ran from 1989 to 1998, and was written by Jerry Seinfeld and Larry David, later of Curb Your Enthusiasm fame. The show distinguished itself by its postmodern absurdism and observational humour. The creators chose to close the show while it was still […]

Video: Genius urban-farming aquaponics project!

This awesome man is growing food in a concrete radiation area 160km from the nearest farm. His aquaponics system uses fish to create compost to produce nutrients to feed plants, which filter the water to feed the fish. He calls it Kijani Grows Urban Garden System . But hell, he can […]

The Rolling Stones – Get Up Stand Up

Look what we found! From the Stones’ 2005 Toronto concert. There’s all kinds of this classic good, high-quality stuff going up on the Rolling Stones’ channels lately. Obviously to build buzz for the 50th anniversary concerts of The Greatest Rock ‘n’ Roll Band in the World. Takes balls to do […]

Video: Rosario Dawson being awesome

We were going to put a little slideshow of Rosario up in Connoisseur’s Corner there in the top right, but then we realised how a handful of photos could never do justice to one of the true beauties of our time. So with thanks to fellow admirer brojgel of the […]

Video: Down on the farm

How a farmer became a king! This is a proper drunken exploit that only the brave, the blessed by god, and those who know a lot about combine harvesters should attempt. We’re not trying it, but we give up full respect to this gent for doing it. Thank you, sir. […]