Words & Music by Inspector Ras

The Near Misses – In The Movies (Live)

The card-carrying Worst Band In JoburgTM, live and direct, from Smugglers, north of the Witkoppen Road psychological boundary with the far north of Jozi…

As The Crow Flies

My band, The Near Misses live at Jozi Studios…

Angry People

A poem of popular determination…


Beat poetry by Inspector Ras and J Dogmatica.

The Colour Of One

This is a performance of a poem that’s a staple of the Inspector Ras live set. The Colour Of One was on the first Jedi Rollers album, Hi Rollin’. Here it’s done a capella, without the psychedelic instrumentalism. This – and several other songs I’m gonna be uploading – was performed at The Library, at the Sandton Brazen Head, coincidentally also my local bar. You can see I feel at home, can’t ya!

Apt & Audio

A tribute to the late, lamented Mr Bozack, formerly of hip-hop collective Sixth Man, who was lost to us unexpectedly. Track produced by Master Jay.

Push Play

A decent enough turn by yours truly MCing for Jedi Rollers… The lovely and talented Buli G pon the BVs. Track by MacDaz, Master J and the Red-Eye Jollers

Unfinished Business

This began life as a guest rhyme on the album of my friend Cedric. Here it’s put over some beats by my other mate Master Jay, aka J.DogMatica

Poetry Girl

This is about poetry nights, which I frequent from time to time. They’re a great showcase of spoken-word poetry but also a seething pit of sexual energy. the track was recorded by Cito from Wonderboom in his studio, it hasn’t exactly been “produced” yet. But you get the idea!

Welcome To My Car

This is a version of the classic song by Bernoldus Niemand, aka James Phillips, perhaps South Africa’s greatest rock musician. The clip was recorded in my car on a beastly hot day in mid-summer. I was sweating bullets while I filmed this. Sweating like Julius Malema in a woodwork exam, as they say.

Joburg’s Metal Kings

This is a short poem about the eponymous Joburg’s Metal Kings, the band Pestroy. Produced by Master Jay.

For more music, spoken-word poetry and other collaborations in the misty interzone between the two, check out my soundcloud profile here…  There’s also some of my radio shows, so check it!

For bookings email Hagen@hagenshouse.com.

Writer, editor, ghostwriter, writing coach. I've been involved in 30+ book projects - for myself and for clients, partners and colleagues. Experience in marketing, PR, advertising, television, print and digital, corporate and editorial. Former editor of FHM magazine. Currently Director, Editorial and Content at Ogilvy PR, Johannesburg. Musical performance, spoken word as Inspector Ras. Guitar/vocals for The Near Misses, (Worst Band In JoburgTM). @hagenengler

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